Trevor Gulliver

When Fergus and Trevor first met, Trevor had recently created The Fire Station, across the road from The Old Vic Theatre in Waterloo.

Its success and sale lead to the offer of a derelict site in Smithfield. Somewhat back to square one again for Trevor but it’s always been the site and the building that mattered, not the criteria.

Trevor also created Wine Wharf and the Brew Wharf microbrewery and restaurant in Borough Market and built the eponymous Putney Bridge among other bars and restaurants.

Responding to the lack of, what Trevor felt was a true representation of French wines in the UK Trevor created HG Wines which strongly echoes the sourcing philosophy of our kitchens and is never happier than when in the vineyard with the prospect of lunch approaching.

Trevor is instrumental in driving our new projects, occasional as they may be through the years, with our bustling little restaurant south of the river on Maltby Street, and the winery in South West France.

Trevor is often asked to judge food and wine from both here and abroad. He speaks publicly and still writes occasionally on food and environmental matters close to our hearts and on the business and the world that are restaurants. He and Fergus have their office above the St. JOHN in Smithfield and are firmly and happily involved in the day to day activities therein and Trevor apologises for his official title of CEO.

If you’d like to contact Trevor, please contact his PA Sarah Moore on 020 7553 9842 or via email.

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