Bernard Magrez tasting

1 May 2009

To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one. Much has been said on other sites regarding the Magrez empire, so it was with more than a little intrepidation I set off to Browns hotel.

The Magrez PR machine had obviously been working over time – pretty young ladies welcomed you in – had I RSVP’d the invite? Of course I had & paid postage to send it to France. Was I on their guest list? No I was not – usual thing at these events.

There was an air of prestige in the room, beautiful people milled declaring their love for all things Magrez, fine tailored suits, funky little outfits… Not being one to dress up for what is after all just a days work – I stuck out as a bit of a scruff bag. There were even lovingly crafted folders advertising Bernard’s luxury holiday business on the tables – private jets and all.

The wines. Well on the whole I was surprised. Geographically he spreads his business to the 4 corners of the world and I had expected this to mean a lack of focus in the wines. However most did manage to capture the character of where they came from. I can’t say that anything really blew me away though. Wine of the tasting for me… A lowly Premieres Cotes de Blaye from his vineyard at Chateau Perenne – 2004. It was soft and appealing on the nose with good berry classical notes. Easy on the palate with a well balanced gripy structure. It has a bit of class yet tasted like where it came from – which is kind of… what it should…

Having just checked the price for this wine on I now understand why the whole event was quite so… polished!!!

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