Spring Things and Easter Greetings

23 Apr 2014


The end of April sees the announcement of the World's 50 Best Restaurants, a list we happily know well.  But this year something different... 


This is something extremely special, following in the footsteps of such greats as Joël Robuchon, Paul Bocuse, Alain Ducasse, Alice Waters, Thomal Keller et all.  Well done Fergus, we are just a little proud!


 One a penny, two a penny...

Our lovely HOT CROSS BUNS are available in both restaurants daily (reserve some the day before to avoid disappointment!), at Druid Street on Saturday and our new Arch 42 on Maltby Street Ropewalk on both Saturday and Sunday! 

Our hot cross buns are also available at Selfridges all through Easter Weekend... our lovely Luke will be in the Food Hall handing out samples and telling you all about them from 11-3 tomorrow, Good Friday. 

Grab a bun and say hello!

 Talking of Maltby Street...

NEWS!  We will be opening our St John Bakery Rooms in Arch 42 in a few weeks! 

Open both Saturdays and Sundays, this is a sit-in spot for breakfast, lunchtime savouries, fresh baked madeleines & hot chocolate, doughnuts, a wine shop and more. 


 Of course you can still pull up as usual along Druid Street on Saturdays to buy your breads and other good things from the bakery doors.

 For Wine Folk...

...we now have both the red and white St. John burgundies available! 

They are made by French Winemaker of the Year Jean-Pierre Confuron, Trevor says that they are very good indeed and both feature chez Gulliver and Henderson!

The bag-in-boxes continue to go well and now we have a 10 litre BiB which we dispense at the bar at Smithfield, bear them in mind if you have a party and of course for this and all other wine enquiries (ordering Bordeaux en primeur, words of advice from Trevor, recommendations, food pairings...) just contact young Max on the wine desk!


Smithfield will be OPEN for the first time on GOOD FRIDAY for both lunch and dinner!  We are open for the usual weekend hours over Easter  then closed on Monday.

Bread and Wine will be open throughout the weekend as normal.

Pop in for a GLASS OF WINE or a PLATE...

And a Final Note...

For those of you who wonder why no eels on the menu at St John, the conversation continues... as you know Trevor has spent some months investigating the issue of eels and their future. 

Trevor and Chris our Head Chef have been night fishing on the Severn to view a potentially workable take on the annual elver run, we may have a plan as we miss them!


Trevor on the elver trail...



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