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21 Apr 2014

Please note that all wines mentioned in our mailing can now be bought from our new Featured Wines page!

The St John Burgundies...

We have to say that the St. John Bourgogne has gone down very well!  It is an excellent daily burgundy and we will be receiving the first shipment of the white shortly. It really is pretty good!

The idea was to work with one house to insure, against all the market vagaries in Burgundy, that we had a good and consistent wine that customers could both enjoy and rely on.  And we have confirmed the prices through into 2015!  

  Not only this but a bit of a FANFARE, it is made by Jean-Pierre Confuron.  J-P has just been voted Winemaker of the Year in France, so he is the TOP (and very nice) MAN!

 A New Man at the Helm of the Bar at Smithfield!


(There he is with our Bourgogne, above!)

Ian Campbell has joined us as Bar Manager at Smithfield, after many years at our friends Moro. 

 Naturally we have a sherry bod in our midst now! 

Say hello if you are passing.

A Fete in June


We are having a Fete de Vin at our BOULEVARD NAPOLEON winery, in La Liviniere, the date is set for 14th. June. 

All welcome, there will be a long Saturday lunch with some of our brigade cooking locally in our garden, plenty of wine and more. 

We are happy to help with local arrangements where we can, ONE FOR THE DIARY!   And yes there are cheap flights on Ryanair to Carcassonne...

 And talking of Boulevard Napoleon...

WE HAD A HAPPY AND LONG LUNCH with Oz Clarke and Charles Metcalfe recently, it would be fair to say that the Boulevard wines got the thumbs up (and they were both late for a tasting at the Chinese Embassy)! 

We bottle the 2012 over the next few weeks, the white is splendid but will be on allocation due to the limited number of bottles, PLEASE LET MAX KNOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE SOME RESERVED... and the cabernet franc is rather good too although seriously limited and we may not release it just now! 

Remember that we have the 2011 reds left, the grenache and the carignan, all are happily continuing their "evolution"....

ALWAYS delighted to give you a little tour if you are in that part of the Languedoc.


Bag in Boxes!



Still saving the planet in a convenient way! 

One pictured here with our BN wines.

These continue to go well and now the red 10 litre is proving a success for those folk with parties in mind. We have now switched the white fully to our friends at Chateau Lascaux in Pic St. Loup and are only taking a "lieu dit" (effectively a stand alone vineyard) Picpoul de Pinet now, the Terres Rouge in bottle.

The total Pinet vineyard seems to have doubled recently, how did that happen? We are talking to another vigneron and friend and if we are happy we'll see the a Picpoul back in the box in a few months...


The weather is finally warming up, the sun is shining and our rosés are in for 2014! 

 All are gems, all styles are covered , have a look at our selection here and if you can't decide you can either ask Max to get the lowdown from Trevor, or go for a mixed case for a selected 'best of'.

Speaking of young Max...


Max is spending a little more time in the office now and less behind the bar to be at your service with all your wine questions.  

 He has now passed the second WSET exam, as well he should! He also survived his first Vinisud Expo in Montpellier, but that was not so certain...


A bit of advice from Trevor...

....if you are one of those would-be natural wine drinkers, please keep it under control and dosed with a pinch of common sense! 

The two fiercely competing wine shows are coming up (the Real Wine Fair featuring Oliver Pithon and Sébastien David among others, and also the Raw Wine Fair where some other of our producers are exhibiting, among them Eric Texier and Tom Lubbe). 

Remember, as with all MOVEMENTS you've got to keep it FACTIONAL!


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