An Open (Bottle) Invitation!

29 Apr 2015

Open Bottle Wednesdays at the Bakery Room

As you will know by now, The Bakery Room in Bermondsey is  more than a weekend spot for a glass and a doughnut.  For the last few weeks it has been happily open for dinner, Wednesday through Saturday, and has become a shop window for our wines with a healthy list and 30 wines by the glass.

Every Wednesday, 5pm - 9pm, come in and have a glass on us.  We'll focus on a different bottle every week and tell you a little about it.  

You will find treasures from small suppliers sourced by Trevor through travels and close relationships with vignerons, built over the years.  Many wines have a fascinating story, all will be enlightening and delicious.

This Wednesday, April 29th 

We start the weekly treats with Domaine La Colombette's Au Creux du Nidboth red and white.  This is the real deal... Natural? Biodynamic? Hipster?  Forget the debates, this is a real wine with a fascinating story of how it came to be.

This is a tale of a lifetime's search, of wild vines found in a garden up in the Swiss hills, of raising, replanting, culling, cross polinating and repeating.  You will not recognize the grapes... they are new!

We hope to raise a glass with you & tell you more at the Bakery Room!

Henceforth our weekly Open Bottle Wednesday wine choices will be announced on Twitter.  Follow us @StJBakeryRoom for news & updates.

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