Southward Ho!

6 Jul 2015

Those friends who tell us that the only place to be these days is South of the River... well just now we are those friends!  We have some glorious things for you over in Bermondsey, time to make that journey...

And keep reading, there are some other southerly antics this week with news from our annual Fete du Vin in the Minervois.  It's been a busy Spring and lining up to be a super Summer.



Bonny Bread

Over at our Druid Street Bakery, it is with great joy that we present our new Head Baker, Lazslo, who joins us with more than 20 years' experience in artisinal bakeries across London and beyond. Come and see how lovely our loaves are looking! They really are a delight to behold on our counters at Bread & WineSmithfieldMaltby Street and the Bakery Counter at Selfridges (pick up a loaf in your lunch hour).

Laszlo has some more treats in store too, so 
watch this space...

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St. JOHN Maltby

Over a decade ago we opened Bread & Wine as a reaction to demand for our bread. We offered a glass on the way home too, and very soon a proper restaurant was born. Well, it's happened again! In the year since we opened a little cafe next to our Bakery the area has 

become something of a destination, and not just for the bustling weekend market. So we met demand and opened for dinner too, Wednesday through Saturday. It has become, as Fergus puts it, "bottles and snacks". We are most happy! More here, and more still if you click below.





Education & Libation - On Us!

Central to St. JOHN Maltby is its place as our shop window for the handsome wine list that Trevor has put together, both to drink in and take away, with over 25 wines by the glass.  The list is long - where to start? So every week we help you out, with OPEN BOTTLE WEDNESDAY. The concept is simple. We choose a bottle, an interesting one often with a great back story, and on Wednesdays 17.00-22.00 we will give you a glass on us and tell you a little about it. You get to know our list, and what you like, with no commitment. Maybe stay for a bite! Announced on Twitter and...



Les Temps de St. JOHN en France

Ice to the Eskimos!  Coals to Newcastle! Or madeleines to Paris and wine to France? At the beginning of the month we were thrilled to make our beautiful little hot cakes for a brunch (or two!) at 
Hotel Amour celebrating Le Fooding's 15th birthday.  No sooner had we returned than we were off to our winery in the Languedoc to celebrate the release of the new 2013 vintage of our Boulevard Napoleon.  And why Boulevard Napoleon? We are true to our ethos of simplicity, just as at Smithfield it is named after the street!



Our very own Head of Pastry, Tom Trubshaw, joined a host of international chefs as Le Fooding presented 
La Revanche de Faubourgsan event of many parts over a long weekend celebrating restaurants off the beaten track. Trevor & Fergus were neighbourhood pioneers both at Smithfield (they remember watching tumbleweed go by twenty years ago) and at Spitalfields, and Tom represented London along with James Lowe and Isaac McHale. For his part he sent out over a thousand beautiful steaming little madeleines, fresh out of the oven, to round off Sunday brunch. The reaction? "ils sont les meilleurs que nous ayons jamais goûté." And from the Parisians!



 Back in 2008 Trevor and our wine maker Benjamin (seen below with the boys) stood in front of a run down medieval building in La Liviniere, a village in the Minervois. Serendipity prevailed and in 2011 our first vintage was being harvested! It seems that we have not done too badly at all in our little winery, we are now shipping our Boulevard Napoleon to NYC and Canada.  So once again we had much to celebrate at our annual Fete du Vin, held outside in our courtyard and inside among the vats and barrels.

The local Mayor came early (again!) and stayed late, St. John cooked for folk from London, France and beyond.  All had a jolly good time!







A particular thank you to Charles Metcalfe Esq. for the songs late in the afternoon... A magical interlude.  As Trevor says, we'd won over the French just around the anniversary of Waterloo!

If you'd like a taste of St. JOHN wine & conviviality yourself, a little less far afield, please keep an eye out for our next Quarterly Wine Tasting Dinner at St. JOHN Maltby, hosted by Trevor & Fergus.  Our June dinner sold out within hours of release, click here to register your interest for September.






And finally...

A little round up of some of our favourite moments of Fergus (and others) in the news of late.  The theme, as so often at St. JOHN, seems to be a sense of place.  Where, with who, nourished by what.




Farewell to All That

There has been much talk of late about thesad metamorphosis of Soho from aunique petri dish of creativity and possibility to a mere restaurant & tourist theme park, with rising rents pushing out small businesses and long standing locals.  Among the many fascinating voices in The Observer's Soho Stories is Margot, Fergus' wife, describing the early, pre-St John days at the iconic French House.




"Champagne is for filling the gaps. It’s good for the afternoon to keep things going. White wine, I think, is the best way to remind yourself how good red is".

Our friends at Vice Munchies have lunch with Fergus and discover a little about how to live, how to drink, and what on the St. JOHN menu is based on imaginary James Bond scenes.


We're all going...

Fergus & Margot talk about their memories of holiday eating in the Observer Food Monthly supplement last Sunday, with a merry back-and-forth taking in Tiree and New Zealand.

"The butcher, who passed away a few years ago, would wring her hands and make funny noises when we ordered a leg of lamb and then it would arrive at the house, still warm, in the afternoon."





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