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1 Oct 2015

Shorter Days, Longer Nights 

... But there is no mourning those balmy summer days, because we have some delicious ways for you to wile away those autumnal days and evenings, either in our convivial company or in your own.


                                       I'd like to hold a party!


Christmas at
St. JOHN Maltby

We know it seems early, but the space is happily intimate - and therefore limited - so we're booking up fast for both lunch and dinner in the run up to Christmas. Seating up to 28 people, or as few as 10, it's a jolly and cozy environment to eat our delicious feasts, drink those handsome wines and generally be merry! 

Our lovely Izzy will be happy to arrange, or answer any questions!

Tel: 020 7553 9844





For the Autumn Wine Tasting Dinner at Bread & Wine this Monday, September 21st.  Our tasting dinner at Maltby  - held last Thursday - sold out within an hour of the tickets being released, with the Bread & Wine date full up soon after. But there is still hope!  
We have had a last minute cancellation,meaning that limited spaces are now available.    

More information here, or click below to contact Izzy who will be happy to arrange.  See you on Monday!

                             I'd like to come!

Click & Collect!

We hope that by now you've visited our awesome new wine website - which, we aren't too modest to say, is a simple, clear joy to use!  And we know that many of you like to pop in to SmithfieldBread & Wine or Maltby to pick up a case for the weekend, or a special occasion.

But did you know that our wines are a little cheaper online - by cutting out the middleman and reflecting volume?  So if you know you'll be passing, you may like to buy on the website first and pick it up from the restaurant - saving on restaurant takeaway prices, and on delivery! Click below to have a look around. It's win, win.

 Click & Collect

And something rather special...

The date has been set for our annual Vignerons' Lunch - Saturday, November 21st.  This is a wonderful occasion attended by the mixed and jolly bag of winemakers nurtured and befriended by Trevor over the years, who put the wine in your glass (and on our website)!
Their hands will still be purple from the harvest and they will bring with them their new and different wines, as well as old favourites.  They are joined by our fellow restaurant folk, by friends, and by some loyal St. JOHN Wine devotees.  If you would like to be among them, register your interest below!

Finally, those new vintages!

Domaine Gerard Metz: Riesling Tradition 2013 → Melody 2014


Chateau du Jurque: Fantaisie Sec 2012 → 2013


Domaine Boudau: Rivesaltes Grenat sur Grains 2012 → 2013

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