Party time, excellent!

12 Nov 2015

We know it seems early, but...   

...The party season is almost upon us - indeed, it feels distinctly like it's already begun!  When things really get into full swing we'd like you to be prepared, and only drink the good stuff.  Whether it's a magnum for that dinner you've been asked to, or a bag-in-box for the fridge to tide you through the chaos little by little, or a few cases for your own party. We deliver all of them to your very door!

And to our friends and readers in North America: Read on! Because there's something for you, too!

Mixed Cases

Always a good way to discover new things, this time we've put together two particularly exciting selections...

The BN Selection is a special offering of sorts, with a chance to revisit the nearly extinct Grenache Gris 2011 and try a few bottles of our Cabernet Franc 2012, which is getting its first ever showing in the UK!Both are only available in this case!

Our case for Christmas (sorry - we said the C word) contains some brilliant wines for the season - and not just red!  It includes our Bien Autre 2013, above, which we make after the varietal parcels have been put together at our winery. Each year is (and will be) different according to how the season went.  The 2013 is rich, full, supple... a splendid wine for Winter.

And remember, we are happy to create custom cases if you give us a brief!


Magnums & Boxes

Two very practical (and eco friendly!) formats, on different ends of the spectrum! 

Magnums make sense, they make the party, and we've got some very well priced.  They're a handsome thing to have on the table, and a handsome gift to turn up with!

Le Clos 2013 is lively with pure red fruit and warm spice.  Truly brilliant value, it was a table staple last year for most of our friends.
And for those who like something to think about, the Breton Trinch 2014 is dark, aromatic and seriously dry!

Our Bag-in-box wines are most useful over the next six weeks of unexpected guests and snatched moments of relaxation.  They fit nicely on the shelf or in the fridge and last for three weeks once open (and believe it or not, a cold rosé on a blue sky winter's day can be just the ticket!)


Something Special...

Pineau des Charentes is a well kept secret of the St. JOHN repertoire, and one not often seen in the UK.  Those in the know have savoured a glass after dinner or popped a bottle away to sip over the winter season, perhaps even with Madeleines to dunk!

But the secret is almost out - this year we have managed to increase our allocation and now it is finally available online. You will find it in with the dessert wines.

It is traditionally enjoyed in France as an aperitif, however it can be enjoyed as a digestif, or with dessert, or  as dessert if you are that way inclined!

Find out more below.

Let me in on the secret


Napoleon Takes America!

New York! Toronto! And more! Our own Boulevard Napoleon and St. JOHN wines are heading over the Atlantic! 

 Our first shipment is making its way to Frederick Wildman in New York as we speak, to be on tables for the "Holiday Season". Ahem. Keep your eyes peeled!

Over in Canada, Charles Baker of the much lauded Stratus Wines is distributing the Boulevard Napoleon.... and the brilliant Charlie's Burgers wine club is distributing our St. JOHN label wines! We were excited to see photos of bottles being received and enjoyed in homes across the pond!


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A new vintage

Another stepping stone for Boulevard Napoleon came last week with the release of our Grenache Noir 2012.  We have always set out tell the individual story of each vintage: although it is in the same vernacular, it certainly differs from the previous (and first!) year.  Where the 2011 had depth and power, the 2012 excels on elegance and lift.  We would be delighted if you tried a bottle (at £11.50 it's a great price).

Remember - if you don't want a full case, you can pick up wine to take away at St. JOHN SmithfieldSt. JOHN Bread & WineSt. JOHN Maltby and, at weekends, from our Bakery Arch at Druid Street


Lastly, a note from Trevor...

The Autumn colours across the vineyards in the Minervois were spectacular last week, just look at the picture above!  All was well with the world, with the 2015 wines settling down nicely for Winter.  And if the Decanter Awards judging at Vintners' Hall recently was anything to go by, there's some excellent St. Chinian on the way...

Watch this space for the last dates for Christmas deliveries & collections - you've still got a little time, but we'd hate you to miss out,
so we'll let you know when the final days approach!


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