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10 Nov 2015

New Year, New Party!

We've thrown a few celebrations in our time - some impromptu, some long awaited, some monumental, some intimate, some early doors and some late nights that we'd never put in print.  All had a few things in common: delicious things on plates, excellent things in glasses, and the most convivial company.

But... we've never yet thrown a New Year party.  On the night, all we want is a dinner with family (whether or not you're related).  A party with friends (whether or not you know them).  A sparkling start, full of excitement and the fizz of potential...  dishes in abundance... then, the glow of a disco ball and a negroni!




We are throwing a dinner, family-style! And a party, friends-style! Fergus has put together a menu that takes you through our very favourite things and leaves you ready for dancing, should the mood take you, in our musically transformed bar after dinner.  Music?!  At St. JOHN??  Well, 2016 is only going to happen once...



£145 pp
19.00 - 02.00
26 St. John Street





On the subject of parties...

Last month we held our 'Thrill Seekers' Feast' in collaboration with Noble Rot Magazine, a thrilling occasion indeed with some unforgettable moments. 

A 1908 Madeira, Urchins brought over from the Arctic, hand delivered by an intrepid intern who travelled from Norway in a car at 3.30am, then a torchlit boat, then a car again, then a plane, then a train, finally arriving at St. John at 11.30pm the night before the dinner, with the urchins' spines still twitching enticingly (and the young man already had a date waiting for him at the
St. JOHN bar)!  Now that's a thrill!












Plates of Crispy Pig's Tails (above)! Glasses of JP Robinot's crazy Charme de Loire 2005!  Black Velvets! In such an intimate, fun space it was rather like having the most extraordinary dinner party, with 25 of your (new) best friends.

St. JOHN Maltby is booking up fast for private lunches and dinners throughout November and December, get in touch if you'd like to book your own!

A Charitable Collaboration

We are very much looking forward to this Sunday, when our Jonathan, Head Chef of St. JOHN Smithfield and Robbin, Head Chef of Fifteen, are coming together to serve Fergus, Jamie and fifty guests a delicious lunch of Suckling Pigs, Stuffing, Pressed Potato Cake, Apple Crumble, Poached Quinces, Milk Ice Cream, our own Boulevard Napoleon wines, and more. 

Delicious things, delightful company and all for a fantastic cause.


Proceeds of the lunch allow the Fifteen Foundation to give unemployed young people a chance to have a better future.  Tickets sold out pretty sharpish once the date was announced...  so to always be the first to know, remember to keep in touch below.


A present to you from our friends...

The new issue of Noble Rot is out now!  We never judge a book (or mag) by its cover of course, but we particularly like this one.  When the next issue hits the shelves in January there'll be more on that Thrill Seekers' Feast above,recipes from Fergusand all their customarily brilliant wine writing. 
Get ahead of the game and get a subscription! There's a special deal for friends of St. JOHN: 5 issues for the price of 4.  Just click below to access the secret website!

A good gift for Christmas, and throughout the year. 


Finally, a wine note!

Keep your eyes peeled for our wine mailing later in the week.  A useful resourse for our wine customers, current and future.  Lots of good things for the party season - and we deliver to your door!  Watch this space!


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