Puddings! Pies! Wines! Dates!

9 Dec 2015

At St. JOHN we only really start feeling festive on December 1st when, as tradition dictates, the Mince Pies and Christmas Puddings hit our counters. At the restaurants the air is full of spice and celebration, and as the festivities begin in your own homes too we are here to help. 

By now you know that we deliver wine (and other things) to your door.  However, you may not know our last-order-before-Christmas dates, and we'd hate you to miss out, so read on...

And these aren't the only dates we'd like to mention - there's that New Year's Eve celebration to look forward to!

Christmas Puddings

Fergus says:

"Behold the Pudding!
Tamed with brandy, rum and port,
Soothed with treacle, prunes and suet,
Uplifted by nutmeg, cinnamon and oranges.
Every emotion covered for Christmas!"

That says it all, really!

They come in the following sizes:
S - To feed two - £12
M - To feed four to eight - £20
L - To feed eight to twelve - £30

You can pick them up from SmithfieldBread and Wine, or at weekends at Maltby or the Bakery.  They sell out quickly, so why not pre-order to ensure there's one waiting for you?  Email Mo, below (and remember, be sure to tell him where you'd like to collect it from!)


Mince Pies

Our mincemeat has matured to perfection, our shortcrust is crisp and crumbly... Fergus and Trevor were so excited on December 1st that they each  had a mince pie for breakfast, hot, with clotted cream and a glass of Madeira. Every year they just fly off the counter, so:

If you're popping by to our counters in the afternoon, or you want more than 6, please let us know in advance to avoid disappointment!

If you'd like 12 or more please give us a couple of days' notice - and if you're in Central London we may even be able to deliver!

And remember to place your orders for collection on Christmas Eve from Druid Street and at Bread & Wine...


Christmas Wines

Loyal readers will remember that we've put together a couple of beautiful mixed cases, full of things to interest and delight, and spot on for the season. Including of course the Boulevard Napoleon Grenache Gris 2011, almost all gone now, this case is the only way you can still get your hands on a bottle!

If you know what you want (or think it's more fun to take a chance) then have a browse and put your own case together. Or, if you're not sure, why not contact Max who will come up with a case based on your requirements.

And don't forget those bag-in-box wines, which are enjoying a moment in the spotlight!  We've been sending them all over the country following a little flurry of Time Out excitement (with some wise words from Trevor) and an Evening Standard mention.


Corporate Cases

I know, I know... yet another C word... But we've noticed that at this time of year there are always those who ask us to send our wines (and doughnuts!) as gifts to their clients.  We are delighted to do so!

We are flexible, you do not have to send a case of 12 bottles.  If you prefer, we can send 3 boxes of 4 bottles... or 6 of 2... or 60 of 2... or however many bottles you like, to whoever you like, delivered to their very door.

The service is completely bespoke in terms of wines and requirements, and it's one more thing ticked off your list!

Of course, it doesn't have to be work-related at all - our wines also make the most excellent gifts for friends and family. And we can slip a Christmas Pudding in the box too, if you ask!


Gifts for nose-to-tail lovers

Our 'Diving Pig' T-shirt featured in Observer Food Monthly magazine's Christmas gift guide, and ever since then our lovely Jess has been looking like Santa's best elf, laden down with parcels to send out all over the world!

We have T-shirts, aprons (modelled by Jess!) and soap dishes (well, actually ash trays, but the world moves on), all with the iconic pig logo - and even a T-shirt that Fergus drew himself!

We have Fergus' brilliant books and of course those gift cards.  All are also available to pick up in the restaurants and the Bakery, too.

But don't miss the cut-off dates...



WINE - Order Wine
London - December 22nd
Mainland UK - December 17th

GIFTS - Order Gifts
Mainland UK - December 18th
EU - December 14th
Rest of World - December 7th

BAKERY (orders over £35) - Order Bakery
London only - December 21st


December 21st

December 23rd

And finally... that party!

The response to our first ever New Year's Party has been overwhelming! We are so excited and so looking forward to a joyful evening of
frolics, festivities and feasting.

We still have some places left, so please join us!
£145 pp
19.00 - 02.00

To reserve your place please contact Izzy Curtis
Email: izzy@stjohnrestaurant.com
Or telephone: 020 7553 9844



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