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26 Feb 2016

Rain, Shine and the Pursuit of Happiness

We've barely seen Trevor this month.  No sooner did he return from one wine fair then he was off to the next. Then off to see our vignerons amongst their gnarled vines and wineries, tasting wines from the tank and catching up with their grandmothers, spouses, small children and dogs - and skilled winemakers who were babes in arms when he first met them! All this in the tireless pursuit of wonderful wines for our lists. His travels were fruitful, there are some treats afoot...


A Tasting - From the damp Loire to damp London!

On Wednesday, March 16th, we will be holding an informal wine tasting at St. John Maltby.  One theme, six wines, several nibbles, many stories. 

Trevor & Max are just back from the vineyards of the Loire (there they are above, looking stoical in the drizzle).  So, we have a theme!  In keeping with the season we have three reds, two whites, and one rosé looking forward to Spring.   Expect a range of the interesting and the delicious with much lively talk (and Trevor's thoughts on that contentious 'rainwater' of course...)


£20 pp
March 16th
18.30 - 19.30
St. John Maltby

Click HERE for more information!  Sign up below!

I'd like to come to the Loire wine tasting!


How to make a vineyard?

Trevor & Max witnessed not one but two new vineyards being created in Provence, works that involved large boulders, very big yellow Tonka Toys, small boulders, mountainsides, stones, gravel and the hand planting of new rootstock.  Firstly at Chateau de Roquefort and secondly at Domaine du Bagnol- just a little further inland but the weather couldn't have been more different!

Chateau de Roquefort

Vigneron Raimond de Villeneuve is taking back the scrub forest below the family mountain and creating new terraced vineyards, a matter of hectares, not an acre or two. He loves his soils and his estate so this was the only way to expand without moving outside the domain, which he would never do! Quite some investment was needed but Raimond was always a man of dreams - and actuality.

We always carry his wines. They tick every box: they are natural, organic, bio-dynamic and... guess what? You would not even know!  Music to Trevor's ears! Raimond is just a great winemaker doing things in the way that makes sense to him - and to us.


Domaine du Bagnol

Meanwhile down at the coast, where the land is finite and expensive, Jean-Louis and Sebastien Genovesi have their Domaine du Bagnol.  (Sebastian is above with Trevor, the natural amphitheatre that is Cassis stretching out below).  The father and son are expanding in a small way, also creating terraces from the wooded slopes, to add just a few hectares. In Cassis you have to work with what you've got - buying vineyards is full of the intrigue and closed door dealings that would befit any French farce! 

Their Domaine du Bagnol white and rosé have been on our list for many years now and Trevor remembers the original wranglings: they were surprised that we thought we could order some wine just like that. "Pah!" But it was worth it, and we still say that no one makes a better Cassis wine. 

The white is excellent value - especially so as it is one of Trevor's favourites on the list.  The rosé is at the restaurants, but not online yet whilst we wait for the new vintage. It'll be back on the website just in time for Spring, when you need it most!





We know how important it is for many of you with a more eagle eye on our lists to have regular updates on what's in, what's out, what's changed.  Whether you are a trade client or a private enthusiast, it's essential that you have access to that information.  

To that end we have a new tab on our website - the NEWS section - where you can find all that information in one place. It's not for everyone, but for those of you who need it, it's vital!






Those of you who have come late to the party may wonder - who is this Trevor?! (Better to come late than never! Welcome! Have a glass).  Trevor & Fergus founded St. John together over twenty years ago and, to put it simply, just as Fergus puts the lunch on your plate, Trevor puts the wine in your glass. 

He is a veritable fountain of wine knowledge, stories, tips and opinions (strong opinions!!). So we are delighted to announce his new wine column in Country & Town House Magazine!  It's a fortnightly tip - whisper it, not always French - with a food pairing footnote from Fergus too.  



AND FINALLY... Building Strong Cases

Every month our newsletter is bursting with beautiful bottles. And now Trevor is giving you updates and insights on his blog too (sorry Trevor, we mean news page. Not blog).  So every month we will put together a fine case based on the wines, domains and regions relevant to that month's thoughts and travels. The February selection is a good one (almost Springtime)!

This month the wines range from the soggy slopes of Muscadet to the sunny shores of Cassis.  For the Loire, you'll have to come to that tasting...


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