Surprising Combinations, Early Rising Compensations, Easter Salutations.

15 Mar 2016

Life is changing.  No one drinks Sauternes with oysters anymore (yes, we know, but keep reading). No one has time for a leisurely breakfast anymore.  But some things, thank goodness, stay the same.  Easter traditions, with family and friends. Hot Cross Buns. The eternal pleasure of good food, well cooked, in convivial company. 

Thrill Seekers' II
'This time it's properly bonkers'

Back in October we headed to St. John Maltby, our intimate Bermondsey restaurant, to host an insane feast of the sublime and the ridiculous in collaboration with our friends at Noble Rot Magazine (you can read all about it in their latest issue - it's a good one).  There were Crispy Pigs' Tails.  There was a Chenin Blanc by our vigneron JP Robinot, described by Brian Eno as "completely mad".  There were urchins, hand delivered late the previous night by a young man who had taken 22 hours to get to St. John direct from Arctic Norway (and had a date waiting for him at the bar when he arrived here). There was a 1908 Boal Madeira. 

If you missed out last time, don't worry.  We're doing it all over again.

Oysters paired with Sauternes? Don't knock it, it was a combination much enjoyed in Victorian London (on a side note, this is dense but utterly fascinating). And just wait until you see the bottle!  There's a crazy oozy cheese paired with a mind blowing red wine made in the very same place - as Fergus would say, "Ah, the genus loci!"  And what is Macvin?  Well, the boys at Noble Rot tell us it's like the Buckfast of the Jura... but don't let that put you off.

This time, we're taking it out of St. John Maltby and into Noble Rot's own bar. Have you been yet? We can't think of a more thrilling excuse.

Saturday 23rd April, 7pm 
Noble Rot Restaurant & Wine Bar
51 Lamb’s Conduit St, London WC1N 3NB 

Thrill me!

Making time for breakfast

Working life is different these days.  You have to be at the office early - or you don't have an office at all.  Breakfast meetings start at 8am, and so do bacon sandwich dashes on your way to your desk. We get it. Which is why...

Bread and Wine will be open for BREAKFAST at 8AM from 4th April onwards.  

Not only this, but our breakfast menu will also change daily - just as it does at lunch and dinner (don't worry, those bacon sandwiches will remain a constant). We'll see you here next month, meeting clients, catching friends before work, nursing your hangovers, and just being grateful for the extra hour of civilization that the new opening affords.

I'd like some breakfast!


Easter opening hours

Closed on Easter Monday only. 
Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as usual

Open as usual throughout Easter

Open as usual throughout Easter

Open as usual over the Easter weekend. Come and get your Hot Cross Buns!

We still have some availability for Easter Sunday lunch at Smithfield, and both lunch and dinner at Bread and Wine.

Book me in for Easter lunch!

And finally...

As you may know, the Independent on Sunday printed its last ever paper copy last week, in a brave and pioneering decision to move entirely online. The editor-at-large and restaurant reviewer Amol Rajan published his final print review on Sunday and, in a move that our friend Jackson Boxer called "so bloody chic", gave his first ever 10/10 - to dining in our Smithfield bar.  We were hugely touched, immensely honoured, and extremely sad to see the (physical) end of an era.

Read the Review

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