Stay up late, or get up early

7 Apr 2016

Stay up late with us, we'll look after you in the morning.

Springtime always evokes something of the pagan, with possibility and earthly delights jostling for your enjoyment. True to the spirit of the season, later this month Trevor and Fergus invite you to discard your cutlery and make full use of tooth and claw for a hands-on dinner of pink wine and pungent delights!

Every Wednesday we're luring you away from your usual haunts and over to St. JOHN Maltby with flowing wine, freely given... then, as the sun rises and the daily grind looms once more, at Bread & Wine there's a pre-desk moment to savour or forget whatever bacchanalian revels the night before held. As Fergus notes, there's very little that can't be
soothed by a bacon sandwich, 8am Fernet Branca optional.

Rosé time at last!

Our wine dinners are always intimate; just 25 guests gathered with Trevor and Fergus behind the closed doors of 
St. John Maltby. This time it's not only intimate, but hands on too! Fergus brings forth the horn of plenty,
the "rolling feast of many parts" that is The Grand Aioli.

Tear into the delights of spring as Trevor welcomes you with a sparkling rosé from the Loire, to prepare the palate!  He'll be filling your glass with some diverse forms of the wine to go up against that most flavorsome of centerpieces. And that Marc? All will make sense!  There's a sweet Chenin to finish, just to show we don't play by the rules, and maybe we'll drive that point home by opening a bottle made with a traditional rosé grape, but vinified as a red. It's a veritable cornucopia!

Wednesday 27th April, 7pm 
St. JOHN Maltby

Take me to the feast!

Free wine for free spirits

If a Grand Aioli is too much commitment, remember that every week St. JOHN Maltby brings forth a horn of plenty of a different kind, in the form of Open Bottle Wednesday.

Every Wednesday evening, 17.00 - 22.00, we choose a wine that we'd like you to try and we give  every single person who comes through the door a glass, on us.  It's a wonderful way to get to know our wine list! And of course there are delights from the kitchen while you sip, should you feel inclined.  We announce the wine on Instagram and Twitter, so click below...

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Early rituals & victuals 

After all that revelry we offer you succour and soothing the morning after, or just a moment of calm before the day begins in earnest.

is now

A Hedgehog Mushroom Omelette, perhaps? A Bacon Sandwich to take to your desk? Ham, Eggs & Fried Bread with your newspaper, or your meeting? Granola, Yoghurt & Poached Fruit? The menu changes daily, see you in the morning

What's for breakfast?

 And finally, real food?

Those of you who know the work of photographer Martin Parr (and few don't), know that the food that he depicts is very different from the food that St. John creates. When Fergus was asked to write the forward for Martin's new book, 
Real Food, the contrast could not go unnoticed. It makes for fascinating reading - and mesmerising viewing!

In the words of Fergus, "The sausage erotica continues"...

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