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28 Apr 2016

The sunshine is here! The warmth has yet to follow but that doesn't stop us sipping chilled rosé, there's something very lovely about a glintingly crisp glass on a glintingly crisp day. And if you needed any more persuasion, we've got a beautiful array of new wines for you AND a new excuse to drink them - maybe even al fresco, once it warms up a bit!


"There's very little that can't be solved by a good lunch".

That's Fergus' motto. And those of you who know him, know how seriously he takes it. It is, he says, "a bit like a hook on which to hang your day" and indeed, he has been known to cite it as the reason he gave up a career in architecture. Of course we have to give the Gaffer what he wants, so starting from tomorrow...

is now
12.00 - 15.30

Pop in for a quick bite to get out of the office, or come for a lengthier, languid start to your weekend, Fergus-style. There's that daily changing menu full of delights (which puts your chicken tikka desk sandwich to shame), and if you do feel like making an afternoon of it there's an updated wine list too, with still more beauties by the glass! There are tables outside in the sunshine when the weather permits, and tables inside when it doesn't. 
Click the button below - or just turn up. 
We're looking forward to seeing you!

 Bring on the lunch!


And talking of Maltby...

We mentioned above that we are making some super additions to our already happy list of wines by the glass. If you're not sure what to choose, just ask! We try to ensure that our people know their stuff. And if you're still not sure, remember that every Wednesday, all evening, we give all comers a free glass of that week's chosen wine. It's a great way to get to know our list, follow us on Twitter or Instagram for that week's pick!  But it's not all about wine...

At Maltby we are amongst railway arches that run all along the tracks in Bermondsey, each occupied by amazing food and drink producers - and brewers galore! So with our neighbours (and you!) in mind, we're stepping up our beer game. We have enlisted our friend and beer expert  Melissa Cole to help us in a complete review of our beers, ales and lagers... it's hard work, but it's happy work, and we can't wait to share the results with you at Smithfield, at Bread and Wine and at Maltby. Just in time for Summer!


A refresh, to refresh you! 

The fruits of our winter labours are here! As you will remember, Trevor (and Max!) spent much of the first part of this year tearing around France. The cold damp Loire, the interminable carpeted halls of the wine fairs... some tiny vineyards, some crazy vignerons... all to bring us some excellent new wines!  Now we can see the fruits of their labours. Our lists are refreshed, and you will be too.

We've got the new vintage of the Viognier from Le Prade Mari (read the story behind this one here - or do more than read, go and stay!). Those who know the wine will be surprised, the 2015 is very different from our previously stocked 2014 - and very delicious too! Then there's the brilliant Les Mures 2014 from the unique Raimond de Villeneuve . 'Natural'? Trevor says that there's no need to label a wine that stands up for itself so well.
Have a look around the site, or ask us for recommendations!

Refresh me!


A Case for May!

With so many brilliant new treasures on our lists, Max has put together a strong case for you to try a few of them! What's more we deliver to your door, wherever you are in the country. That super Brézème Roussanne 2014 from Eric Texier is just right for springtime now - or springtime in a few years' time!  While you're waiting (if you can) there's this Chateau-Thebaud 2012, a charming Muscadet which Trevor notes is "an interesting bottle to tick off the list". And for those of you who are massive fans of Sebastian David's L'Hurluberlu (you know who you are), the Kezako 2013 is certainly going to pique your interest. 

I'd like that case!

A Face for May!

Those of you who order regularly may have noticed a new name coming up on your emails. Allow us to introduce you to Jess, who is ably supporting Max on the wine desk. She comes to us from Vancouver, via a background in the arts and following a stint on our own bar. She is your point of contact for orders, and we are delighted to have her! 


Hey Jess!



We're down to the very last few bottles of our very first vintage Boulevard Napoleon Grenache Gris 2011, made in 
our little winery in the Minervois. It was our first attempt, the parcel was tiny, the reaction was excellent. Trevor doesn't like to talk about cult wines, but if he did... 

There are only a few cases left of this vintage in the whole country and they're only available at St. John Smithfield, either to drink in or take away. But don't worry... if you can't make it down to this neck of the woods we've got
the 2013 online too.


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