Brain Burger

24 May 2016

"Brains are close to my heart, literally.
The wires from my chest to my brain to treat my Parkinson's are a miracle."
- Fergus Henderson 


In aid of Parkinson's UKa very special collaboration between
Fergus Henderson and MEATliquor

Fergus says:

“This Brain Burger is another step in my strange journey with the brain. As many will know, I have Parkinson’s myself, which is kept under control by electrodes running from a battery in my chest to electrodes in my brain. What a miracle! And every time I eat brains (which I do as frequently as possible) I think what a miracle these things are:
imagine eating a cloud, for which you have managed to form a crisp outside. That is a textural achievement that very few things manage to reach."

"The Brain Burger seemed absolutely right for the occasion: mutually helpful to the cause of brains both edible and charitable.  If people are surprised by how delicious and how sumptuously easy to eat the brains are, that is a good thing.  Hopefully it will make them think about brains, perhaps to cook brains themselves,
and to ponder their miraculous nature.”

The Brain Burger is available from MEATliquor throughout June, on a pre-booked ticketed basis. For just £30 you can enjoy the Brain Burger, fries, a bespoke kitchen apron designed by Fergus himself,
and the knowledge that you have helped a brilliant cause.

A total of 45 tickets are available daily over 22 days, 
Monday-Friday throughout June. 

All profits go to Parkinson's UK.


And for those who wish to support the cause, but can't get their heads around a brain...

Fergus has drawn a truly brilliant Brain Burger T-shirt.  Get yours, wear it proudly, 
breathe in the sweet smell of sweet charity.

Brain Burger T-Shirt

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Among many more!

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