Bars! Brains! Booze! And a family obsession.

2 Jun 2016

 Flaming June is looking flaming busy!



When we opened Bread and Wine almost fifteen years ago it was, as the name suggests, a place to bake our bread and give you a glass when you came to collect it. Fergus (with his architect's training) always says that usage should dictate a space and very quickly Bread and Wine became a restaurant with a bakery attached.  Fast forward to today: with our Bakery now in Bermondsey, and the streets around us in Spitalfields changed so much, it's time we made a change once more. Therefore we are...


And there'll be a glorious surprise when we re-open: 
at which to enjoy our wines, a negroni, perhaps a gin and tonic... just in time for Summer.

Roll on Saturday, June 18th!  We'll be propping up that bar, drinking a bicyclette.

Keep me updated, please!

Use your brain, Eat our brain

A reminder that Fergus' Brain Burger collaboration with MEATliquor, in aid of Parkinson's UK, is now LIVE.  Fergus said:

"Brains are close to my heart, literally. The wires from my chest to my brain to treat my Parkinson's are a miracle."

One person in every 500 has Parkinson's. That's about 127,000 people in the UK.

"The Brain Burger seemed absolutely right for the occasion: mutually helpful to the cause of brains both edible and charitable.  If people are surprised by how delicious and how sumptuously easy to eat the brains are, that is a good thing.  Hopefully it will make them think about brains, perhaps to cook brains themselves, and to ponder their miraculous nature.”

Available from MEATliquor throughout June on a pre-booked ticketed basis, just £30 buys you the Brain Burger, fries, a bespoke kitchen apron designed by Fergus himself, and the knowledge that you have helped a brilliant cause.

A total of 45 tickets are available daily over 22 days, Monday-Friday throughout June. 
All profits go to Parkinson's UK.

Bag a Brain Burger!


Eat our brain
Wear Fergus' brain

You can either go there, do that and get the T-shirt... or if you'd prefer to skip the first two, you can still support 
the cause and buy one of Fergus' brilliant Brain Burger T-shirts, drawn by the man himself.

But pause before you skip it: we have to say, that burger tastes as good as it looks both on the plate and on the shirt!

Get me that shirt!

Art Car Boot Fair -
Tracy Emin//Peter Blake//Doughnuts

Although Bread and Wine is closed, East London will not be doughnut free!

On Sunday, June 12th we will be at the annual Art Car Boot Fair at the Truman Brewery, where we will be providing you with doughnuts to soak up the drink.  Our St. JOHN wines will be the house pour on site, so you're guaranteed something delicious to eat and drink while you wander.

Always a riotous affair there will be work by Polly Morgan, Pam Hogg, Tracy Emin... Gavin Turk always throws something together... Sir Peter Blake will as ever sign your dog/baby/chewing gum/knuckles/whatever... Cabaret Futura will entertain you! The Band of Holy Joy will move you!  One year we drew our self portraits on balloons, the next we had our fortune read by Zoltar (which seemed to say more about him than us: "Some people think I'm bonkers, but I just think I'm real").  All in all, there's a lot to do.

We'll see you on the 12th, wondering what to do next, rosé in hand, wiping sugar off your chin.


And finally...


Everyone's loving our Bag-in-Box wines!

Not only did we get top marks for our completely brilliant, pale, delicious new BIB rosé (and for the red & white too), but they are also being served at the excellent BIB Taproom in Dalston.

P.S. watch this space, we're throwing a party there in July and you're all invited...

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The Henderson Family's tomato pasta obsession...

Margot remembers: "I used to ask the kids, “who makes the best tomato pasta?” When Hector was very young he would always say “Grandma”, and I was so proud that he had such discerning tastebuds. Then I asked whose pasta was next and the answer was “Dad”. But that’s what happens when you ask these questions – you might not like the answer"

And so the multi-generational story begins, with Fergus' mother Elizabeth at the heart.


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