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7 Jul 2016


Clear your diary.
Whatever you're doing, you'll want to be doing this instead.
We've got your July all mapped out - and all roads lead to
St. JOHN Wines.


St. JOHN Bag-in-Box Barbecue

Recently box wines have been losing their "goon bag" image, finally being recognised as a convenient, eco-friendly, good value and all-round excellent way to package some all-round excellent wines. We like to think that we were early adopters; we've been selling St. JOHN BIBsfor some years now, to acclaim. And now there are others on board: there's even a Bag-in-Box Taproom in Dalston - the brilliant BIB TAPROOM.

We want to convince you. And so do BIB TAPROOM . So we're throwing a PARTY.  It's a bit different from the usual St. JOHN affair... It's in Dalston. There'll be music.  As well as our own chefs serving up those Ox Heart Buns and Quail from the BBQ, Weino BIB chef Harry Kaufman is giving you some veg delights including Celeriac and Mustard Croquettes... Green Beans, Goat's Curd and Walnut... Tomatoes, Burnt Bread and Coco Beans... AND MORE.  

But it's not just about the food.  It's about that wine. That wine at £3.50 a glass.


Tell me more!

In the mood for something a little more classic?

We understand. We've got something for you, too. Next week we've got another INFORMAL WINE TASTING over at 
St. JOHN Maltby. Expect delicious canapés from the kitchen, engaging anecdotes from Trevor, and some enlightening wines from our cellar.

The theme is one you'll have heard before, but there’s reasoning here: Trevor points out that it's a time of change, and we happen to have some particularly delicious wines to be tasted!
Old World Vs. New World: French Pinot Noir Vs. North American Pinot Noir.
Red? In the middle of July? Yep! Light, fresh, perfect for a summer evening.

£20 pp
July 13th
18.30 - 19.30
St. John Maltby

Sign me up!


The party theme continues! After numerous requests last year we have finally managed to get our hands on some rosé magnums. 

The wine, Saint Mitre’s Cuvée M 2015, is as elegant as they come. Subtle pink fruit, lime citrus, and a crisp and crunchy finish. It's been a popular choice behind the bar at St. JOHN, with good reason.  And it'll make you popular at parties and dinners throughout the season! 

Available to buy online in a mixed case, or over the counter at the restaurants for a rather good £28. We only have a small allocation; once they’re gone, they’re gone! Ask Max if you would like to reserve any for collection, or just pop in to our restaurants with your fingers crossed. 

I'll reserve it for collection!

I'm going to buy it online!


Finally, with sun pouring through the windows and the reciprocating grunts of Wimbledon filling the air, we feel sufficiently encouraged to release a Summer case.

There's a classic Provence rosé, simply because we must.  There's a nod to the 31 days of Riesling (no, it's not German, but you know our rules).  There's Raimond's Petit Salé, as few wines represent the sunshine of Provence as well as his.

Then there's Alain's Pouilly-Fumé, just because it is such a great time to be drinking the Central Loire's superb 2014s, and for a similar reason there's the Grand Eparcieux Beaujolais, our first release of the much hyped 2015 vintage (particularly good chilled). Finally, there's a new release of Crochet's Sancerre Rouge, a truly elegant Pinot - without the Burgundy price tag.

Happy drinking all Summer long.


I'd like the Summer Case!


* Bag-in-Box BBQ flyer by Paul Sethi

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