Summer time and the living is easy

11 Aug 2016


...We've done the hard work for you!  While you have been lying back soaking in the rays (ahem, rain), we have been putting together some handsome new additions to our lists, ready for your return - or ready for right now! They are welcome additions to your summer parties, or warming solace while the weather does its British thing.

Some friends we'd like you to meet

Our wine list is built on the close relationships that we have forged with vignerons over the years and over our travels.  Trevor has been making friends and we have some new vignerons coming on board! We are excited - especially since we are bringing back appellations that we've not had on the list for a while.  Max has put together a brilliant box for August which includes these fantastic new finds - see below. 

Chateau les Croisille

For a while, through conversations and recommendations, all paths seem to have lead us to the Croisille family in Cahors, with son Germain now at the helm.  He is a lovely fellow who we hope to have over for one of our ever popular Wine Dinners at Maltby soon.  They say he used to run around the vineyards naked - they do not say if he still does. Come to the dinner and ask him yourself.

Be the first to know about the dinner!

Mas de Cynanque 

Deep in Trevor's cycling territory, meaning that he knows the area well, Mas de Cynanque have old values with a new approach - and some very hard work. Their ethos shows in their wines, and so we have finally settled on a St. Chinian once more! 

Domaine des Hates

You'd think that selecting a good Chablis producer was easy! Sometimes your preconceptions are very much disproved, especially when you need both quality and value. When this is the case, look to the grower not the appellation! Here there is another son at the helm - Pierrick Laroche, whose father gradually increased the vineyard by just one-and-a-half acres per year, in the hope that his son might develop a passion for the vines. He did, and this go-slow approach permeates all that they do.

The August Case

That excellent selection, providing interest and good times over the quiet month.  Of course it includes those gems from our new producers, we can't wait to hear what you think. 

Then there's a pair of characterful rosés from two great producers in very differing terroirs, to keep things fresh while the sun still shines! They are both perfect as aperitifs, but also serious enough for the dinner table.

And there's the ever popular red from Olivier Pithon. It has been proving extremely popular at the restaurants right now - and rightly so.  Something for everyone and for every occasion!


Buy the August Case

Box Wine Soap Box

The popularity of our bag-in-box wine has been a whirlwind this year! Perhaps because our rosé is so completely delicious.  Perhaps because it's ideal to take in the boot of the car, for that staycation that the papers tell us we're all having. Whatever the reason, there's a bandwagon - and you should be on it.  Trevor is in France as we speak selecting new wines for the range - there are more good things to come, so watch this space!


There have been a flurry of kind words...

"I would very happily sit down to drink the easygoing but un-boring St John wines at any table, kitchen island or picnic rug" - The Telegraph

"This week’s top buy. I wrote these bag in boxes up in the paper and was afterwards asked by a friend if they really are any good. Yes! Of course they are ... plump for the red, a juicy blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah from the Languedoc. It’s proper, artisan French wine, but easygoing as you like. “Just one glass” or, indeed, “Just one more glass” just got a whole lot easier. Wish I had one sitting here right now." - Victoria Moore, Wine Columnist of the Year 2016

" pale as a Provence rosé with subtle peach and redcurrant flavours. It’s fantastically fresh, too. Devilishly moreish 5/5" - Daily Mail

Bag-in-Box at the party

A big thanks to all those who came to our little BIB Taproom Vs St. JOHN Bag-in-Box BBQ - which was not so little in the end! Fergus grilled Ox Heart Buns, wonderfully helped by Margot - what a dream team. 

For those who missed out, all the more reason to fire up the grill yourselves! You get the quail, we've got the wine sorted - our red, white and rosé wines are available online with free shipping within the UK when three or more are ordered.


And lastly...
if you are joining us to dine or drink, read on!

A Rare Treat from the Cellar...

... but not for long! Trevor and Fergus have long been known to enjoy a bottle of Burgundy over lunch and recently opted for the Meursault-Charmes 1er Cru 2007from the tried and true Thierry and Pascale Matrot.  They agreed that this was the perfect time to be drinking this vintage, well regarded for its purity and freshness due to a very cool summer.

Their words are never taken lightly and therefore we would like to share this wine with you whilst it is singing - and we will be listing it at the excellent price of £65 a bottle at all of our restaurants, until we are dry!  Email Max (below) to ensure that you don't miss out.  This is a wonderful opportunity to try a 1er cru wine from a distinguished producer.

PS... we'll be putting some other good value bin ends on the boards over the next few weeks. Wine is to be drunk, not hoarded, and we love to make space for more good things!


I'm coming for dinner - put a bottle aside!

Trevor says... "That's enough, you should be reading that throw-away paperback in the deckchair, not this! But we are delighted that you did. Click away, have some wine and a wonderful Summer."

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