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15 Sep 2016

From Bottom to Top!

Oh North is North and South is South (to misquote Rudyard Kipling) and we've got things happening both ends of Britain.  As the Summer cools (give it a few days...), we are restarting our program of Wine Tasting Dinners, with one South at St. JOHN Maltby and another for our friends in the North, in Edinburgh.  

Both offer great treats.  Both are in intimate settings for a happy few. So read on...


A Burgundian Banquet

As this late warmth nudges the vineyards, the harvest begins to spread North up from the Mediterranean.  And so our thoughts turn to Burgundy. It has not been an easy year, particularly following the lovely wines which will come from 2015, but the vignerons are stoical and used to agricultural uncertainty.

Let us celebrate the miracle of Burgundy, faith and hard work rewarded!  We have some real treasures up our bleu-de-travaille clad sleeves... Among them a wonderful blanc from Vire-Clesse, a top Pommard from that most famous of vintages and, to finish, that Marc brandy made from the remains of the very same grapes after pressing. We must just mention, in an untypically grandiose manner, that there's a Grand Cru Jeroboam in the mix!


Trevor has very much enjoyed wandering through our own wine lists, and calling in favours and winks from elsewhere to form a splendid journey through the meal. And, as always, Fergus has compiled a litany of delights to do those wines justice, all with a cheeky tip-of-the-hat to the area.

Places are extremely limited so we advise booking swiftly.

Thursday, September 29th
£130 pp, all inc.

St. JOHN Maltby
41 Ropewalk
Maltby Street



An Edinburgh Adventure

We are extremely excited to be collaborating with the much-lauded Gardener's Cottage, who we are proud to say have served our wines for some time now.  Fergus loves this time of year, explaining that "Nature writes your menu – game is hurled at you from the sky, the soil brings forth earthy delights, there are dark fruits and dark leaves. All you have to do is cook it."

This ethos is very much shared by the Gardener's Cottage, with a seasonal, local, daily-changing menu. So this time we are leaving the cooking in their expert hands, while we provide the delicious pairings for their delightful menu.

Occasionally we hold back a case of good and rare bottles to see how they develop, now it is the moment to do the judging! There will be the first vintage of our very own Grenache Gris, and the tales that come with it.  There will be a Sauvignon Blanc with some age (a charm which can often be overlooked), and a sweet Aligote from the ever dependable Matrot… and... and... 


Trevor will be talking you through the selections (and might even add some extras, brought up on the train). Fergus will be tucking in with gusto to chefs Dale and Ed's wonderful offerings.

Tuesday, September 27th
£100 pp, all inc.

The Gardener's Cottage
1 Royal Terrace Gardens 
London Road 

I'd like to come to the Gardener's Cottage!



A September Case

The vineyards of the Languedoc-Roussillon are Trevor's stomping ground and the wines have always been at the core of our wine lists here at St. JOHN. Over time he has seen old friends -respected winemakers - make better and better wines, and he has added new vignerons to our tight and carefully chosen list.  Over the last few decades too the wines have become more distinctive and true to their particular appellations. He has chosen an excellent and varied selection for this box, with choices reflecting a beautiful snapshot of an often overlooked region.




After a successful pre-launch period on Ocado (more successful than they expected in fact, apologies to those of you who were disappointed to find it sold out), we launch Trotter Gear and Welsh Rarebit Mixture in SELECT LONDON STORES tomorrow, FRIDAY 16th SEPT. We are extremely excited to have our very favourite neighbourhood shops on board - including butcher Turner & George, the brilliant EAT17Albion branches, excellent Harringay Local Stores... and more to come, not to mention our own counters of course!




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