Sausage Roll Up! Roll Up! Roll Up!

30 Sep 2016

A sausage roll, you say?

Some would say it's long overdue. Well, they'd be right! But rest assured, it's worth the wait and it comes with a host of other goodies to sustain you as you prop up the bar at Bread and Wine,including the return of a very special treat.

We'll balance that wait with a preview: the release of our October Case, one day early because it's such a good one. 

So here you are: two delights in one joyous Friday burst. 


The new bar at Bread and Wine no longer feels new - in the best way possible, of course! It now feels so much like an old friend that we can barely remember the space before we were able to lean on the zinc and order a Bicyclette. 

And from today, there's a menu to match! Light and lovely bites to tide you over as you sip your aperitif, available every day from midday to closing. And it is here that you will finally find the St. JOHN Sausage Roll! Not only this but sometimes you may find Oysters... Radishes & Butter... a Terrine perhaps... Champagne & Doughnuts for a sweet moment... And Fergus' famous Brain Burger!

Originally created by Fergus for a MEATLiquor X Parkinson's UK collaboration, it now has a permanent home on the Bread and Wine bar menu. Served with shredded cabbage and a Sauce Gribiche, in a beautiful glossy little bun from our own Bakery, Fergus likens it to "eating a cloud, for which you have managed to form a crisp outside". The most delicate, delightful, light and elegant burger you could hope to taste with your tipple.

DAILY 12.00 - 23.00



If you can't make it for a glass at our bar, we deliver wines to your very door!  This month the days are shortening, the jackets are back out of the cupboard and thoughts are slowly turning to our autumn wine lists, most noticeably a shift in our red wine selection. To ease you into the season we're moving from the light, bright and chill-able reds of the summertime to opulent, warming, generous reds; a must for the cellar as the nights grow colder.

Among the treats in this one is the first release of the new vintage of our own Bien Autre 2014... then there's a bottle from a small parcel of Cairanne we have taken (consistently recognised as one of the best Cotes Du Rhone villages).  Of course a Bordeaux must feature, this one is from a great producer and a famed vintage... and lastly our dear friend Raimond's Gueule De Loup, which is a stalwart of our lists.

The whites? We've included our new vintage St. JOHN Picpoul De Pinet!  And a few bottles of Guillemot Michel's Vire-Clesse as a special treat - there is not much of this around and it does go quickly!

And finally...

Another piece of St. JOHN delivered across the country to your very door, our Trotter Gear and Welsh Rarebit Mixture. Or, if you are in London you are lucky - you can shop locally for these products and support the passionate, knowledgeable people running brilliant neighbourhood stores. Stockists here and here

If you need inspiration, here's a lovely piece in Food52 about Fergus at home, cooking rabbit pie using Trotter Gear? Looks like your weekend supper is sorted!


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