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3 Nov 2016

'Tis the Season

No, not that season.  The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, of earthy delights and lengthening shadows.  The harvests are in, now is the time to start planning for the long nights and cold days ahead... and okay, yes, perhaps even beginning to think about the festivities. 



In Cahors, astride the upper reaches of the River Lot, the high heat of the Summer is over and the Winters can be bitter up on the high plateau. The Autumn brings mushrooms, walnuts, almonds, root vegetables, medlar, quince, apples and pears, chevreuil and boar, and thoughts are of saucisse and prunes.  As stores are set aside against the cold to come, we celebrate our own little Harvest Festival. We are joined on the night by the young Germaine Croisille of Chateau Les Croisille, one of the fascinating new wave of Cahors winemakers.


Fergus will load the table with Autumnal joys - and also bring a mysterious addition from his beloved late father's cellar.  Germain will be on hand to entrance you with tales of France Profonde, if language allows (and wine, they say, is a great translator).

Trevor will tell you what makes certain producers among this selection arguably the greatest Cahors winemakers of our times.  To add a little spice to the evening there is an Argentinian wine of the same grape thrown in for interest and competition (remember, the French want you to know that the noble Malbec is theirs!). And what is a Fenelon?! It's a unique aperitif, very regional and extremely typical of the area. Discover for yourself, click below to come.

Wednesday, 16th November
£95 pp, all inc.

St. JOHN Maltby
41 Ropewalk
Maltby Street

Spirit me away to Autumn in the Cahors

Talking of delicious red wines...


 As our jumpers get thicker our heads turn to red.  This month we focus on Cabernet Franc, a wonderfully versatile grape that grows happily in a whole host of regions and climates producing aromatic wines ranging from opulent and juicy bottles for the table to earthy, complex, terroir-driven wines for the cellar.

Although the variety is thought to have originated in the Basque regions of the Western Pyrenees, and although it plays its part in Bordeaux blends, most would agree that it has found its spiritual home in the Loire (and the same could be said for Trevor himself!).  So our case will revolve around this region, with wines from the cult to the classic. We've also included the Cabernet Franc 2012 from our very own winery in the Minervois, to highlight the adaptability of the grape. It's a very different expression, but we think it's equally delicious!

2 x Domaine Breton, Trinch 2015, Bourgeuil, Loire
2 x Domaine Breton, Clos Senechal 2012, Bourgueil, Loire
2 x Chateau De Villeneuve, Rouge 2014, Saumur-Champigny, Loire
2 x Sebastien David, l'Hurluberlu 2014, Saint-Nicolas-De-Bourgueil, Loire
2 x Le Grange Aux Belles, Prince 2014, Anjou, Loire
2 x Boulevard Napoleon, Cabernet Franc 2012, Minervois La Liviniere, Languedoc

This is a treat for those who know the grape well, and for those who don't this is the perfect chance to discover it.

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We know the coloured leaves have barely left the trees, but with party season within sight we'd like to mention the delights of a private dinner at St. JOHN Maltby


Seating a maximum of 30 people, or a minimum of only 12, the whole restaurant is yours. 
A private chef and wait staff for the evening in intimate, cosy surroundings... perfect for that dinner with friends you promised you'd arrange, or to thank your team for their year of hard work.

There is no hire fee, only a very reasonable minimum spend, and at the time of writing we still have some spaces in November and December for lunch or dinner.  
Contact our lovely Events Manager, Izzy Curtis, for bookings and more information.

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