30 Jun 2008

So with Smithfield now closed and the refurbishment works underway a few items of information that may prove useful.

Whilst St. John is closed we will not be processing online shop purchases until after Monday 18th August.

For those of you that enjoy products from our Smithfield bread counter, we're afraid only Bread and Wine will be selling baked goods until 18th August.

The counter at Bread and Wine does tend to sell out quickly but you can email or fax the bakers at Bread and Wine to reserve loaves or other sweet things to take away.

Drop an email to or faxing on 020 7247 8924 and ensure you give us at least 24 hours notice  and we'll do our best to honour all order requests.

Many of our guests have enquired as to the nature of the refurbishment works being undertaken. The majority of the works are taking place 'behind the scenes' so to speak. Our kitchen and dining room floors are being replaced and repaired, our bar is being restructured to aid service and increase stock capacity and refridgeration.

Behind the bakery we are refitting the disabled lavatory and having one of the smoking chimneys at the rear of St. John refurbished as a temprature controlled wine store.

Our lavatories, as we know many of our customers will be delighted to hear, are being completely refurbished with improved facilites and a touch of glamour here and there.

If you have any concerns or questions about our refurbishment plans please contact us using the website comments form.

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