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We have collected quite a lot of film and video clips, including that favourite “disciplining the parsley!” over the years.
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November 2016

Cahors Blimey!

Cahors Blimey!   3 Nov 2016

'Tis the Season No, not that season.  The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, of earthy delights and lengthening shadows.  The harvests are in, now is the time to start planning for the long nights and cold days ahead... and okay, yes, perhaps even beginning to think about the festivities.    CAHORS... more>

September 2016

Sausage Roll Up! Roll Up! Roll Up!

Sausage Roll Up! Roll Up! Roll Up!   30 Sep 2016

A sausage roll, you say? Some would say it's long overdue. Well, they'd be right! But rest assured, it's worth the wait and it comes with a host of other goodies to sustain you as you prop up the bar at Bread and Wine,including the return of a very special treat. We'll balance that wait with a preview: the release of... more>

From South to North (and everywhere in between)

From South to North (and everywhere in between)   15 Sep 2016

From Bottom to Top! Oh North is North and South is South (to misquote Rudyard Kipling) and we've got things happening both ends of Britain.  As the Summer cools (give it a few days...), we are restarting our program of Wine Tasting Dinners, with one South at St. JOHN Maltby and another for our friends in the... more>

Exciting, game changing news...

Exciting, game changing news...   9 Sep 2016

Sense the potential... We've got some incredible news for you. Yes you, moving to Margate and missing St. JOHN. And you, coming home late again. And you there, prone to the Sunday night blues. And even you too, filled with dawning realisation that you have people over for dinner and nothing to give them.This is for all of... more>

August 2016

Summer time and the living is easy

Summer time and the living is easy   11 Aug 2016

Relax......We've done the hard work for you!  While you have been lying back soaking in the rays (ahem, rain), we have been putting together some handsome new additions to our lists, ready for your return - or ready for right now! They are welcome additions to your summer parties, or warming solace while the weather does its British... more>

July 2016

Warm Weather & Fervent Friendship

Warm Weather & Fervent Friendship   21 Jul 2016

It is finally here! The weather made for spending long evenings with friends, glass in hand. And you can do exactly that this Saturday - we're throwing a barbecue with our buddy the BIB Taproom.  All are welcome! Bring old friends, make new ones, and please say hello. Then next week we'll be spending time with... more>

And now for something completely different.

And now for something completely different.   7 Jul 2016

CANCEL YOUR PLANS. Clear your diary. Whatever you're doing, you'll want to be doing this instead. We've got your July all mapped out - and all roads lead to St. JOHN Wines.   St. JOHN Bag-in-Box Barbecue Recently box wines have been losing their "goon bag" image, finally being recognised as a convenient, eco-friendly, good... more>

June 2016

Be part of the family

Be part of the family   29 Jun 2016

St. JOHN and FIFTEEN A FAMILY FEAST Looking back at an amazing relationship, looking forward to an exciting future, celebrating the present with a wonderful feast cooked by some extremely talented friends... ALL IN AID OF AN EXCELLENT CAUSE.   There's something special about families. They expand, they evolve, members come... more>

Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a Virtue   17 Jun 2016

Good Things are Worth the Wait Old buildings contain stories woven into their fabric... and each of those stories spell delays! While we refurbish Bread and Wine, our initial June 17th re-opening date proved somewhat optimistic. So...   BREAD and WINE will reopen on THURSDAY, JUNE 23rd See you at 8am for breakfast (Fergus and... more>

An Arctic Extravaganza

An Arctic Extravaganza   8 Jun 2016

This might be our most special dinner yet.  In the wilds of the Arctic Circle, in the far remote north of Norway, mad Scotsman Roderick Sloan hand dives for Fergus' favourite food: sea urchins. The urchins are seasonal, available in the harshest Arctic months, from September to January. Diving is truly a labour of... more>

Bars! Brains! Booze! And a family obsession.

Bars! Brains! Booze! And a family obsession.   2 Jun 2016

 Flaming June is looking flaming busy!   BREAD and WINE REFURBISHMENT! When we opened Bread and Wine almost fifteen years ago it was, as the name suggests, a place to bake our bread and give you a glass when you came to collect it. Fergus (with his architect's training) always says that usage should dictate a... more>

May 2016

Brain Burger

Brain Burger   24 May 2016

"Brains are close to my heart, literally. The wires from my chest to my brain to treat my Parkinson's are a miracle." - Fergus Henderson  THE BRAIN BURGER In aid of Parkinson's UK, a very special collaboration betweenFergus Henderson and MEATliquor.&nb... more>

April 2016

We know you love new things.

We know you love new things.   28 Apr 2016

The sunshine is here! The warmth has yet to follow but that doesn't stop us sipping chilled rosé, there's something very lovely about a glintingly crisp glass on a glintingly crisp day. And if you needed any more persuasion, we've got a beautiful array of new wines for you AND a new excuse to drink them - maybe even al... more>

Stay up late, or get up early

Stay up late, or get up early   7 Apr 2016

Stay up late with us, we'll look after you in the morning. Springtime always evokes something of the pagan, with possibility and earthly delights jostling for your enjoyment. True to the spirit of the season, later this month Trevor and Fergus invite you to discard your cutlery and make full use of tooth and claw for a hands-on dinner of... more>

March 2016

Surprising Combinations, Early Rising Compensations, Easter Salutations.

Surprising Combinations, Early Rising Compensations, Easter Salutations.   15 Mar 2016

Life is changing.  No one drinks Sauternes with oysters anymore (yes, we know, but keep reading). No one has time for a leisurely breakfast anymore.  But some things, thank goodness, stay the same.  Easter traditions, with family and friends. Hot Cross Buns. The eternal pleasure of good food, well cooked, in convivial... more>

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