About Us

ST. JOHN BREAD and WINE opened across the street from London's Spitalfields Market in May 2003. Initially, the idea was to find a home for our bakery operations. However, it had outgrown the original Smithfield restaurant to include a simple food offering and possible wine shop.

As plans for the former bank developed, and as people expressed interest, it became apparent that there was a desire for a restaurant. Therefore, the Commercial Street premises became the dining room, wine and bakery shop as it now is.

ST. JOHN BREAD and WINE reflects the rhythms of its locale whilst observing the same respect for seasonal, indigenous ingredients and "the whole beast" as the bigger sister restaurant. Opening for breakfast, lunch and supper seven days a week, this branch very much beats its own drum with a menu structured towards a slightly less formal manner of dining, with guests actively encouraged to share dishes as they're ready from the kitchen.


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