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St. John Bread and Wine offers a breakfast menu everyday, from 8am to 11.30am Monday - Friday and from 8.30am to 11.45am on the weekend.

We are happy to take your orders in advance for bacon sandwiches to take away the following morning, please call us on 0207 392 0236.

Toast, Butter, Honey and Preserves
Porridge and Earl Grey Prunes
St John Granola, Poached Quince and Yoghurt
Grapefruit, Orange or Apple Juice

Bacon Sandwich
Devilled Kidneys on Toast
Scotch Woodcock
Grilled Kipper and Sourdough Toast
Blood Cake, Fried Egg and Brown Sauce

Chocolate Brownie
St John Doughnut
Seed Cake and Madeira

Fergus has a word or two to say about breakfast...

"An army marches better on a full tummy, likewise the best way to start the day is the taking of proper sustenance. 

Perhaps you wake up having dreamt of a Bacon Sandwich? Well here you’ll find the Bacon Sandwich of your nocturnal fantasies. 

If it is steadying you require at this time in the morning, Porridge & Prunes is your man. Start the day right - eat breakfast!"


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